Why Steps?

Steps is an effective,  easy-to-use, computer-based literacy development program suitable for all levels, from early readers to adults – as well as English language learners.

While Steps looks like fun (it is!), it is a serious learning tool which develops all aspects of literacy, including vocabulary, comprehension and verbal reasoning.

Steps is used by over 800 schools, and by many SPELD tutors.

The Home Edition is designed for any parent who wishes to support their child’s learning, including home-schoolers.  It can also be used by an adult wishing to develop literacy skills, learn specific vocabulary, or improve English skills.

Steps is based on the latest research into literacy acquisition and how the brain works.  It is designed by literacy experts and shown to be highly effective.

What makes Steps different?

Steps is a highly structured, multi-sensory literacy approach, which is based on sound educational principles

  • Every activity is research-based (including the games!)
  • All activities are cumulative and build all the skills and knowledge needed for literacy
  • Automatic revision is provided
  • Click here to see a summary of all the activities in Steps and what their purpose is

Steps is not age-specific.

  • Steps caters for learners from 5 years of age to adult
  • Starting points are based on literacy level, not age

Steps is the only literacy program which is completely customizable

  • Enter your own wordlists to reinforce schoolwork or workplace needs
  • Build complete courses to support your school’s curriculum areas

Steps will advise you where to start (courses options)

  • Steps will assess your literacy level and start you at the right point on the courses
  • You can also ‘dip into’ the program in any way that suits you

Steps provides a complete range of supporting resources

  • Specialist workbook-based literacy courses directly reinforced by Steps
  • Extensive range of game/activity resources for school or home use
  • Printable resources from Steps