Māori and Pasifika

Kia Ora!

As a Kiwi company, we are committed to supporting the Māori language.  We also believe in supporting all Māori and Pasifika learners.


Steps is the only literacy software program which enables you to:

  • Enter and record your own Māori and Pasifika words and sentences.
  • Play games using Māori and Pasifika words.
  • Print out worksheets to practise Māori and Pasifika.

You can even build a bank of Māori and Pasifika language lists for your school!

Steps is now being used in several Māori immersion schools, where it can be used to support both English and Māori language. 

Click here to see a letter recently received about a school trial in a Māori immersion school, which reported gains of 2-3 years in both literacy and numeracy in just two terms.  Please note, the RTLB who produced the letter gave permission for it to be published providing that we do not quote the name of the school itself until permission has been officially obtained from the school.  The name has therefore been deleted, but will be included as soon as permission is received.

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We are currently working with a group of Māori language specialists in the North Island to produce a complete Māori language course. You will be able to download new material as it is completed. We welcome offers/suggestions from Māori language speakers who would like to contribute to this process!