The Steps Software Program

“I can honestly say that the STEPS program forms the backbone of my literacy teaching. It brings together and refines some of the best literacy teaching and learning strategies that I have encountered during my time in the classroom and at university undertaking professional development. The technical support provided is outstanding. The program is challenging, user-friendly and effective – and kids love it!"
Mrs J, Darfield

Steps can be used in a variety of ways by schools and tutors.

It is:

  • Non age-specific – Steps can be used for learners aged from 5 years to adult
  • Highly effective – see our School Results page for examples
  • Research-based – every activity is research-based (even the games!)
  • Flexible – Steps can be customized for every learner or to support any curriculum or subject area
  • Intuitive – Steps is designed as an easy-to-use resource to support busy teachers
  • Cutting edge – Steps is based on some of the most recent neurological research into how the brain ‘learns to read’

Key Principles

As experienced and passionate educators, we firmly believe that educational software should never be used to replace a teacher. However, well-designed software reinforces and supports a teacher and can ‘free up’ a teacher’s time.

The new concept of a ‘flipped classroom’ is that teacher-student interaction time is valuable and needs to be used in the most productive way possible. Technology is used to enable this to happen. The routine or reinforcement activities can be provided easily, effectively and enjoyably by a software program. Each student can work at his/her own pace and level, with minimal supervision. This frees up teachers to concentrate on direct interaction with individuals or small groups.