Steps Whole-class

Steps is designed to be used for whole-class use as well as remedial use.  Here are some ideas. 


  • Whole-class presentation tool. 

Use Steps on your class data projector to present and explain a spelling pattern or rule or a word family you have covered with your class.  Do activities together to develop a genuine understanding of word structure or sentence composition.


  • Use Steps to support your general literacy teaching

Use some of the wordlists provided (or enter your own) to practice particular phonic patterns or word lists.  Print out worksheets for your class.


  • Topic work

Create topic lists (or use some of the ones provided) to support your class teaching.  Learners can do the computerized activities and then have printed worksheet materials for homework reinforcement.


  • Extension

Your more able learners could work relatively independently  through higher-level wordlists or banks such as the Homophones bank to extend their language knowledge and skills.


  • Extra support

You may want to prioritise learners who need extra practice by giving them extra time on any class computers you may have.


  • Courses

All of your learners can work through the Courses option at their own individual levels and speeds.  Only the ones with more significant difficulties need to be on the workbook courses.  You can print out extensive worksheets and games for the others from Steps itself.


  • High Frequency lists (or Essential Spelling Lists)

These can be used as a school spelling course for primary learners.  Work through the lists in order to cover the most common, important words in English.