Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School

“We had many success stories last year and a large number of children who discontinued at the end of 2012 as they reached their chronological age. Teachers of these children also noted the shift in their Literacy ability, so it was satisfying to see it came through in classroom work.”

Carmel Williamson, Deputy Principal, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School, Auckland


A Teacher Aide’s perspective on Steps

“I have now taught the Steps Programme for 18 months. It is wonderful as a TA with no formal teaching qualification to have a programme that is so comprehensive and easy to use, and we are now seeing that it really works. It is such a meaningful programme which caters to all types of learners so all the children are able to take something from it. My job as TA has taken on new meaning as a result of being involved in the Steps Programme.”

Teacher Aide

Sample results from Our Lady of the Sacred Heart