Professional Development

Our presenter, Ros Lugg, is one of the leading NZ experts in remedial literacy and dyslexia.  She is an experienced conference speaker and professional development trainer. Click Here for Presenter Information.

“Phenomenal course!  Awesome!  I found the subject matter quite fascinating and you are a great presenter.  Really clear and easy to follow – but a huge amount to take in!  Loved it.”

RTLB, Auckland course 2011

Training Options

There is a range of professional development courses available to teachers, teacher aides, RTLBs and other specialist tutors/teachers.  Parents are welcome to attend.  Most day courses award a certificate of attendance.

In-school PD can also be arranged.

Steps Courses

There are two courses covering the Steps Programme itself.  They are both suitable for teachers, teacher aides, RTLBs, SENCOs and specialist tutors.  Parents are welcome to attend:

These cover a mixture of theory, research, practical information and teaching methodology.  Click on each course name to see a detailed course descriptor.  These courses are held in main centres throughout NZ and internationally as required.  They can be organised for individual schools or RTLB clusters on request.  See In-School PD for options.

Other Professional Development Options

Skill-based Teaching – in-depth course covering processing & perceptual skills, screening, cognitive development, executive control.

Assessment course – half day course.  Understand the principles of educational assessment.  Includes how to interpret a range of psychological reports, useful tests for teachers, planning programmes.