Presenter Information

Ros Lugg is a UK and NZ trained educational specialist, whose main focus is remedial literacy teaching and learning difficulties / disabilities. She is an experienced teacher and qualified dyslexia tutor and assessor with extensive experience in NZ and UK schools. She holds the Oxford and Cambridge Diploma in Specific Learning Disability (Dyslexia), which is a masters level qualification in specialist teaching and assessment.

88P0225Ros has many years of mainstream teaching experience – and is also the mother and wife of dyslexics! Her previous specialist experience includes being Head of English and Special Needs in a school for boys with severe emotional and behavioural needs, and class teacher for children with severe and profound learning disabilities. Christchurch based, Ros  spent five years as a tester at the Seabrook McKenzie Centre, including several years as Assistant Director.
She also started the Step by Step Centre in Christchurch, a tuition and assessment centre which provided tuition for over 130 pupils a week.
Unfortunately, the centre had to close as a result of the Christchurch earthquakes.

Ros is the author of the successful remedial literacy course Steps to Literacy, and the literacy software programme Steps and online programme, StepsWeb. Ros also provides professional development and consultancy services to a variety of primary and high schools as well as to adult education providers, SPELD tutors and other specialists.
She is an experienced conference speaker.


Keynote speaker

Kip McGrath International Conference, Fiji - 2010

SPELD Nelson Conference 8-9 April 2011

Learning Disabilities Association NZ – 2012



Ros has presented workshops at many conferences over the years, including the following

Dyspraxia Conference – 2009

NZ Literacy Association Conference – 2013

Reading Association Conference – 2011

Learning Disabilities Convention, Sydney – 2015

Learning Difference Convention, Melbourne  2017

Learning Difference Convention, Sydney  2017

Course Feedback and Testimonials 

Examples of testimonials from courses and presentations (originals available):


“The best explanation of early literacy development I have ever heard. (Sydney, 2015)” 

“I thoroughly enjoyed your course.  Very informative and entertaining.  Loved the humour.” 

“Ros, this was the most valuable day of literacy professional development training I have attended.  Thank you.
I found the session after lunch slightly overwhelming due to the sheer amount of activities presented, but it was so fantastic.
I’m glad I got to see it all.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“You have an awesome knowledge.  Huge amount covered in a day, but all very worthwhile.
Your true passion comes through.  Thank you.”

“Incredibly valuable information.  Very knowledgeable and will certainly make a difference in our school.”

“An amazing amount of information in one day.”

“I found this course very informative and beneficial for my learning and personal development in education.
This has inspired me further to continue further study in literacy!  Thanks!”

“The range covered is amazing – I am hugely impressed with this resource.  There are so many ways it can be used in every learning situation.
I am very enthusiastic about using it in my school.”

“Loved the sense of humour and personal (entertaining!) stories.”

“Loved it, loved it, loved it.”

“Very interesting and informative.  I always learn tips and things I did not know.
You are indeed a very clever lady and a great presenter.
All the children you have helped and tutored are very lucky children and you have helped them in all areas of their lives.  Wow!”

“Great course that explained and filled gaps for me.
I now think I understand the gaps that some of my kids have and how to tackle them.”

“Absolutely riveting.  I usually dread whole-day courses, but you held my attention so well.  You are a wonderful speaker.
I loved the humour, but you covered quite complex ideas in a way that was entertaining and easy to understand.”


Presentation at Learning Difference Convention, Sydney 2015  - associated article in Australian Dyslexia Handbook 2015. Click for pdf