14 May 2020
9.30 – 3.00 pm




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Steps Training Course - Stage 1


Fairway Events Centre
17a Silverfield
(behind the North Shore Events Centre)
Wairau Valley,

Course Content

This course is suitable for teachers, teacher aides, SENCOs, RTLBs and specialist tutors.  It is intended for teachers who are involved with remedial literacy teaching.

The course covers


  • Background theory, including how literacy develops and what causes learners to struggle
  • Neurological aspects, including how the brain ‘reads’ and what goes wrong with learners with difficulties
  • Catering for dyslexic learners
  • Effective remedial methodology principles for struggling learners

Materials and Methodology

  • Using the StepsWeb online literacy programme
  • StepsWeb A-F and StepsWeb 1-6 workbook courses
  • Teaching principles and methodology – remedial literacy
  • Planning, organisation and record keeping
  • Introduction to using games and other supporting resources

Note:  The Steps software programme is a major software programme which takes a considerable amount of time to view.  Until now, we have done an overview of the programme within the day’s course.  However, this does not leave sufficient time for the practical aspects.  We are now asking attendees to do some prior preparation before attending the course.  This includes:

Further information can be found on the ‘Why Steps’ section of the website and attendees can access/print the Stage 1 course notes by clicking here

Morning tea and lunch will be provided.

Spaces limited – booking essential.

Please note: If minimum bookings are not received by three weeks prior, course may be cancelled.

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