Lucid software has been a mainstay of educational assessment for many years now.  GL Education, the company which now owns the Lucid software suite, has decided to move the software online, or merge it with their existing online GL Assessment programmes.  This will be a significant improvement to their software suite which will both remove a whole lot of technical issues as well as improving the effectiveness of the programmes.

With the programmes going online, there is no real benefit in purchasing them through a third party supplier.  Further, GL Education have chosen a completely different charging system involving purchasing credits for each assessment.  Consequently, The Learning Staircase will no longer be retailing the Lucid or GL range of assessment software with effect from 27 September 2019.  To make a purchase after 27 September, please contact GL directly or visit their website at

The Learning Staircase will continue to provide technical and interpretation support for Lucid software which was purchased through us for the duration of their current licence.