Games/Activity Resources

Resource Materials

Everything you need to develop phonological awareness, phonic/orthographic knowledge, sight vocabulary, memory and a range of other processing aspects.

A huge variety of teaching games and activity materials, which can support StepsWeb or any other well-structured literacy approach.

Individual high-quality boxed sets, each with game/activity suggestions and teaching notes.  All sets can also be purchased individually (see below).


Complete Pack

Schools Gameset Pack $287.50

Complete collection of game/activity materials which support any research-based literacy approach.  The Pack includes all of the individual resources listed below (see details for individual products). The Pack includes a set of 6 wipe-clean A3 gameboards, which can be used in conjunction with the other packs or with your existing materials.  Hundreds of game ideas provided – but also endless scope for your imagination!  The materials can be used in a number of ways and provide variety, fun and highly effective learning.

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Individual Game Sets

Rhyme Set
Rhyme Set $48.30

Pack of game/activity materials which can support any literacy approach.

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Alphabet Set
Alphabet Set $48.30

Range of enjoyable games and activities to teach alphabet/phonic knowledge and phonological awareness.

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Vowel Ladder Set 1 $48.30

Effective and very popular set of games which develop phonological awareness and phonic knowledge.

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Short Vowel Set
Short Vowel Set $48.30

Collection of games to develop short vowel awareness. Includes card sets and bingo options.

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Vowel Ladder Set 2 $48.30

Higher level set of game cards. Covers vowel digraphs, ‘r’modified vowels, ie/ei, and the ‘er’ sounds.

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A3 Gameboards
Gameboard Set $79.35

Set of 6 laminated wipe-clean A3 gameboards which enable a vast variety of additional games.

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