Software is one of the best resources for parents wanting to support their child’s learning. This is because well-chosen educational software provides:

However, there is a big difference between ‘edutainment’ and genuine educational software. We only provide resources which are research-based with proven effectiveness. We retail some of the leading educational software programs from other countries (see Home Products), but have also produced
the first major-level NZ literacy software program – Steps!


StepsWeb Screenshots

Key Features:

  • Used by over 800 schools
  • Used by some of the top specialist dyslexia schools in the UK
  • Enjoyable and easy to use
  • Highly effective – every activity is research-based (even the games)
  • Suitable for all learners from 6 to adult (also has many activities which 5 year olds can do!)
  • Completely customizable to individual learning needs – also caters for dyslexic learners
  • Develops vocabulary, comprehension, inferential thinking, grammar knowledge, auditory and visual memory and phonological awareness!
  • Provides ready-made courses, or facility to customize the program to each individual child

Steps enables you to:

  • Monitor your child’s learning (full reports provided)
  • Choose accents (NZ, UK or Australian)
  • Enter your own lists of words and sentences (up to and including university level)
  • Follow set courses, with automatic individualised reinforcement built in
  • Enter Maori words and sentences
  • Directly reinforce your child’s learning at school or through tuition
  • Print a variety of worksheets and games

There is also a complete range of game-type resources which can be used to develop different aspects. These are not essential, but are valuable resources for parents wishing to home-school.

Youtube video clips will guide you through the program and there is a software manual which will appear on your computer screen when you load Steps.