Steps is suitable for adult learners. It is used by a number of tertiary or vocational training institutions. It can also be used in the workplace.

  • Learners can enter their own words into Steps and practise them as much as they want.
  • Tutors/trainers can customize Steps to reinforce course materials or workplace vocabulary.
  • Employers can create wordbanks to teach their staff important vocabulary
  • Workplace literacy tutors can use Steps to support their teaching
  • Adults from other countries can use Steps to learn English

Steps can cover:

  • Health and safety words (including reading signs)
  • Workplace vocabulary
  • Technical terminology
  • Basic literacy

Some employers who want to support their staff to improve literacy even provide them with a Home Edition of Steps, which they can work through independently. This version of Steps can be used by up to 5 people – it can help the whole family!

Many training providers work with learners who have struggled with literacy in the school system. Steps is a breakthrough for many of these learners, who experience success for the very first time!